Portland, IN Wedding – Rodney and Erin

Wedding posts are always ones that I look forward to right along with the bride and groom.  Erin has been the dream bride to work with over the last 1.5 years.  When she booked the wedding we hit it off right away and I knew we would become friends.  Since their engagement was over a year long Erin (and Rodney too 😉 had plenty of time to get things planned just right.   As the wedding approached we nailed down the schedule for the wedding photo locations.  But, when October 4th came it poured down rain all morning and was windy.  Upon arrival at the church it was still sprinkling. Our plan of going to a nearby park was soon out the window and we had to go with plan B – which was staying inside at the church.  There were minutes when we were able to sneak out the back door of the church and get a few photos.  I am so glad that Erin and Rodney didn’t mind a little wind for a few minutes so that we could get those.

I2014-10-15_0001 do have to mention again what a sweetheart Erin is.  Before I took one photo she gave me the most thoughtful gift.  The photographer isn’t usually the one to receive gifts on wedding day.  Her thoughtfulness was very appreciated.  She gave me a beautiful necklace from Origami Owl.  The charms include a camera, MOM, my wedding anniversary stone and a shoe.  She also gave me a fun camera, PocketBac holder from Bath and Body.  You’re a gem Erin.  Thanks so much.  I cherish the gift.


Now I have some special highlights to share of Rod and Erin’s Fall wedding.  Enjoy!

Much love,


Meet the Newlyweds: Rodney and Erin
Wedding Date: October 4, 2014

Location: Church of the Brethren, Portland IN
Reception: Amvet’s, Muncie, IN

How they met: Rod and Erin mutual friends at the softball diamond about 5 years ago. They were both in other relationships at the time, but spent lots of time together with their big group of friends and softball family.  They both separated from their previous relationships in 2012, and then Rodney connected with Erin thru Facebook.

Engagement: Rod and Erin went on a cruise to Mexico in April 2013.  The ship departed from New Orleans.  Before they left New Orleans Rodney proposed in their hotel room. He wanted to do it then so that she could call her parents and tell them before leaving for Mexico.  They are honeymooning on another cruise – this time to Jamaica and the Grand Cayman.

Favorite Wedding Memories: Rodney’s favorite wedding memory was sharing the day with all of their friends and family, and getting to the church on time! 😉 Erin’s favorite memory was when Rodney recited his vows to her.  She felt like they were the only two in the entire room, and all of the butterflies and nerves disappeared.