St. Henry OH Wedding – Alex and Jessica

The peonies, the perfect hue of purple, the Cathedral and the sweetest couple ever made for a beautiful wedding day for Jessica and Alex.

There were so many things that I loved about this wedding. It was very traditional and there is something to be said for tradition. Alex and Jessica have been terrific from the get go. Their engagement session last fall was one of my favorite engagement sessions of all time.  It was a full moon session at the end of Fall.

This wedding party was huge! I have to say they were the most cooperative large wedding party that I’ve ever worked with.  Jessica’s dress was so pretty. The layered lace and her veil were so elegant.  I am going on record as saying that the bridesmaid dresses were in my top 2 favorite of all time.  When you see them, you will see why.  The color was perfection and the style was one that I have never seen before. The bouquets were so fragrant. Peonies and roses… can you imagine how wonderful they smelled?

Jessica put a lot of work into her wedding. One thing that I want to mention was something I have never seen at any other wedding.  Upon arrival at the reception there was a table with a sign that said, “without their stories there wouldn’t be our story.” Then on the table there were photos of Alex and Jessica’s parents and grandparents and their stories.  Each story included how they met and details about each couple.   It was truly a visual reminder of the legacy of long lasting marriages that Jessica and Alex have had the privilege to be witness to.

Thank you Alex, Jessica, family and friends for such an enjoyable day to capture.  Here’s to the newly married couple! Cheers!

Much love,


MEET THE NEWLYWEDS: Alex and Jessica WEDDING DATE: June 18, 2016 LOCATION: St. Henry Catholic Church, St. Henry, OH and K of St. John, Maria Stein, OH HOW THEY MET: Alex and Jessica met in kindergarten, but they don’t really have any memories together until middle school. Alex and Jessica became good friends in the 7th grade and that is when she started to like Alex. They went on their first date during their sophomore year. ENGAGEMENT: Alex and Jessica went out to dinner on our 6th anniversary in Convington, KY. On the way back Alex said there was a park he wanted to stop at that overlooked Cincinnati. As they were sitting on a park bench looking over Cincinnati he got down on one knee and proposed.  FAVORITE WEDDING MEMORIES: 1) Seeing all of their family and friends in one place 2) Everyone dancing and having a good time 3) Andrew (brother of bride) giving a speech, hilarious! 4) Jessica’s grandparents winning the anniversary dance SOMETHING OLD, NEW, BORROWED, BLUE:  OLD: Jessica wore her Grandma Kleinhenz’s pearl earrings and her grandma Bruns’s pearl necklace. NEW: Her dress and Pearl bracelet from Alex: BORROWED: Jessica wore her her friend Kelly’s veil. BLUE: Jessica had a last minute “something blue” I woke up on the morning of the wedding and I told Renee (sister) that she had everything but her something blue, so Jessica decided to go through her “Alex box” under her bed. The box was filled with all of the homemade cards and other memorable items Alex has given her over the years. In there, she found a little blue post it note that said “I love you” and she pinned that into the inside of her dress. FIRST DANCE SONG: Stand by Me HONEYMOON: Sandals White House – Jamaica