Steven Curtis Chapman

It is always a joy to spend the evening with the staff of WBCL.  I recently had the opportunity to be with them while photographing Steven Curtis Chapman as he entertained a huge crowd at the Fort Wayne Rescue Mission Fundraising Banquet. I know that there are some reading this who are super fans and know every song of his from, His Strength is Perfect to Speechless and the sweet, sweet song, Cinderella.  Then there are others who are thinking, “Steven Curtis Who?”

Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife, Mary Beth, met here in the Hoosier State at Anderson University. His song Cinderella is one that I have heard at several weddings as young brides dance with their fathers. That particular song is one dedicated to their little daughter, Maria, who passed away after a tragic accident when she was 5 years old.  The song has become an anthem at his concerts… It is an anthem of hope!  I encourage you to google this Steven Curtis Chapman, Cinderella.  Grab some tissues… you will need them.

Here are some highlights of a very special evening, with Steven Curtis Chapman.