The Fryes

There is something on social media called Transformation Tuesday.  I thought this was the perfect day to share a little Transformation Tuesday… or maybe we should call it Transformation Frye-day.  You’ll see a photo below from 2001.  I would say they have transformed a wee bit.

Today I present to you my brother and his  family.  Tom, Lisa, Kaylyn, Maggie and Jonathon make up the Frye Family Band and also Family First Ministries.  Their talent is widespread and I am just blown away when I think of how far they have come in their talent.   They are all so very special to me.  I often tell people that I am glad that I was an aunt before I was a mom.  I know that I wouldn’t have the connection that I have with these K, M and J if it had been the other way around.  It’s so neat to see how the roles have reversed a little. Now they are enjoying my kiddos and taking them out on special birthday dates etc. just like I used to do with the Frye ‘kids’.  Ahhhhhhhh family!

I just have to share their hilarious video with you.  Since they are a family band and travel often they get asked a slew of questions.  Some leave them scratching their heads.  They decided to write a song which included some of the crazy questions they have been asked over the years.  Click here to see their Family Band video on YouTube.

Thanks for the fun shoot guys. Love you all.

~ Amy  (your FAVorite Aunt. 😉