The Green Family

How do I even start this post?  I guess I have to say that the Green’s and I like extreme weather.  It seems as though their photos are either taken when it’s 108 degrees out or… about 75 degrees colder than that.  No joke!  Their recent family photo shoot was a blast!

When Andrea booked the family session it was still 2014.  She wanted snow pictures, which are so beautiful and quite popular.  An ideal snow session is 32 degrees, flurries, not windy and overcast.  It seemed like a tall order but was exactly what Andrea and I wished for as the day approached.  Low and behold… the day arrived and it was 32 degrees, flurries, overcast and 25mph winds. Three out of four isn’t bad.  But, 25mph winds isn’t exactly a gentle breeze. We had to find a wind-block and I had a spot in mind.

The entire family, David, Andrea, Justin, Adam, Caleb and their German exchange student Max were team players, that is for certain. About 30 minutes in, the world went white.  It was SO windy and SO snowy that you couldn’t see a thing. We laughed and laughed.  Our attempts to find places with wind blocks failed.  The results of some of those are comical and I am posting some of those out-takes just for fun.

I know it was really hard for everyone to keep smiling through the cold, but they did.  And frankly, it was hard for me to hold the camera still and focus…….but you just have to power through sometimes.  Then, after you power-through you just have to say, “this is ridiculous” and call it a shoot.

Many thanks to the Green family for powering-through. What a great family and a fabulous time together.

Here are some highlights and some out-takes. Enjoy.