The Jones Family

I loved meeting this sweet little family recently.  Sarah contacted me a while ago to book and when I got the email I was so confused. I have another client named Sarah Jones and we had just booked her session. So when I got this Sarah’s email I wasn’t sure what was going on. But, to complicate things just a little… they’re sister-in-laws.  So imagine keeping that straight in your family. 🙂

Sam and Sarah have such beautiful children. One thing that I loved was that they didn’t care if their little guy had sticks in the photos. Let’s be real…. kids love sticks and rocks and leaves.  When a child is happy holding a stick (or a few) I love it when mom and dad are ok with that too.  It’s a true representation of a child’s age when they are adventurous in their surrounding.

The Joneses were wonderful to work with and I love what we were able to capture for them.  Thank you Sam and Sarah. Enjoy the highlights below.

~ Amy