The Teeter Family

I love photographing this family so much!  They always entrust me to whatever location I choose (I’ve already got one in mind for next year! 😉 ) and they love the real life moments that are captured without posing. I think they’re realists – in that – they have 2 small kids and know that there is no posing about it!  It’s just easiest to let the littles guide the way sometimes.  Those photos are always my favorite!  True, real-life moments.

Henry and Eloise gave me some CUTE little expressions. My favorite of Eloise is as she is running and jumping on the bridge.  It’s just her to a tee.  And let’s not even start on how cute the clothing choices were – oh my goodness.

Thank you Kyle and Julie. I appreciate you guys so much.  I really do!

Enjoy these highlights.

~ Amy