The Teeter Family

I love photographing this beautiful and very talented family.  Let’s face it, they are pretty people and have really pretty children.   It’s been a joy to watch them grow.  Eight years ago Kyle and Julie were married.  I’ll never forget telling Julie that she would give Martha Stewart a run for her money on wedding decorating.  A few years later Eloise and Henry came along and their family was complete!  Henry was showing some of his pose abilities during the shoot. We had him go over to a fence and he started posing and changing positions. I’m pretty sure he sees Kyle do that at home.

Eloise…. oh dear.  This chicka loves candy, although it’s not a frequent thing in her life.  Kyle and Julie brought some M&M’s for photo bribery.  Below I am sharing a series of photos that shows exactly what happened when the M&M’s were offered.  What happened was this – Henry had taken off to another part of our location and Eloise ran after him. She tried and tried to grab his hand. Finally it happened. She grabbed his hand and it was so sweet.  I took ONE photo of that when Kyle shook the M&M container.  Eloise turned around and ran like lightening to get the M&M’s.  It was a very funny moment!

Kyle and Julie, I appreciate you guys so much. I love taking your family photos over and over again. You are blessed.

Here are a few highlights.

~ Amy