The Williams Family

Good Morning faithful blog readers. This morning I have my coffee about an inch from my mouse-pad… I need it today.  Ok the truth is, I always need my coffee.  And so does this family.  It was very much a part of their photo shoot.

The Williams family is very dear to me.  Don is the Senior Pastor at my church, First Missionary Church.  I have loved getting to know them over the last 19 months.  Their family is at a point where the kids are grown and  their college/careers are taking them in different directions. Nancy has been telling me for a while that they need to update their family photos – because it had been awhile.  Over Christmas break everyone was in one spot so I went over to their house and spent some time with them capturing them in their element. It was a fun, fun evening with this precious group.

Thank you SO much Williams family.

Enjoy the photos below.

Have a blessed day everyone.

~ Amy


Prior to the photo shoot I spotted the photo that Landon, Lyndsie and Makinsey are holding. It was taken when they were at a wedding many years ago.  I had them stand like they were in the old photo.  So glad we’ve updated that. As I mentioned before – coffee was a big part of this shoot.  I love their collection of Starbucks mugs.  I’ve got a few of these too but nothing like their collection.  This black and white makes me laugh.