Tyler and Alexis – Engaged

Tyler and Alexis were my first couple on the 2018 wedding calendar. They booked their date well over a year ago.  Now the wedding is officially less than a year away and probably starting to feel more real than ever to them.

Celina, OH is a town that I am frequently in, working or eating out with my family. I love working with Celina clients.  They are great people!  Tyler and Alexis are no exception. I first met Alexis when she was a bridesmaid for her sister Abbey.  Working with repeat family members is the best!

The night that Tyler, Alexis and I met for engagement photos was so beautiful. It was the perfect summer night. No humidty, low 70’s, beautiful sunlight. But most importantly a couple who is happy and in love!

Here are a few of my favorites from our time together.

Thank you Tyler and Alexis. I can’t wait to celebrate with you next June.