Wedding Tip Wednesday

This is a Wedding Tip Wednesday that I have thought long and hard about. It is a topic that has overtaken the minds of brides across the nation.  The topic – PINTEREST. 

There is a Fashion Blog that I visit call Pinterest told me to  The tag line that Sheaffer uses on this site is “Because apparently when Pinterest says “jump” I do… in colored jeans and a statement necklace.” (Thank you for allowing me to link you Sheaffer.)  It’s true though.  The misconception is that if it is seen on Pinterest it has to be done… again and again. 

I do have a Pinterest account. I love it and find it really inspiring.  I have lots of fun boards. But the thing that is really important to understand is that Pinterest was born to inspire people.  Not to copy-cat every wedding photo ever pinned and assume that your creative wedding photographer will make it look exactly like it does…on Pinterest

I am going to give you a few samples of my favorite wedding moments.  These were simply that MOMENTS in time.  The brides and grooms in these shots owned it! They didn’t say ‘hey can you copy this expression or action, because I saw it on Pinterest?’

Keep in mind this post has nothing to do with décor, flowers, dresses etc. It is merely the photography aspect of your wedding. 

Amanda and Jeremiah. This photo was taken 10 years ago (the film years) in Washington DC. The bride and groom were overcome with emotion during the toast. This is still one of my favorite wedding toast pictures of all time.  The thing that stands out in this photo is their genuine emotion. It had nothing to do with copying an emotion or situation seen on Pinterest. 

Brent and Carlee. This was a 2012 wedding in Louisville, Ohio.  I had this photo exhibited at my most recent bridal show and it was definitely an eye catcher.  But again – the thing that draws attention to this photo is the genuine expressions of love and joy. I guided the couple to the bench, adjusted her train as needed and they delivered the goods!

Lucas and Dana. This was another 2012 wedding down in Thorntown, IN.  This is one of my favorite photos of their wedding.  They were coming back down the aisle and getting pelted with paper airplanes.  The sheer joy on their face is contagious.  This was a MOMENT in TIME. It wasn’t about recreation of someone else’s wedding emotion from a photo on Pinterest.  It was theirs. They owned it.

Amanda and Andrew were married in 2013 right here in my hometown of Berne, IN.  Amanda did not hand me a pin and say “I want a series of photos where I am sitting on the steps laughing.”  She told me to do my thing.  I did have her posed on the steps but this series of expressions was all her… with the help of her sister Loree for making a funny statement.  It was my job to capture that emotion and joy.

Annie and Collin – August 31, 2013 – Lafayette, IN.  There were many photos that I could have posted of this wedding. But two that stand out to me on this very topic is the emotion of the Parents of the Groom as the bride is coming down the aisle.  Secondly, the emotion of the father of the bride as he dances with his darling daughter.  These are the moments and expressions that cannot be recreated.  They were genuine and full of emotion.

·         It’s a dream when a bride says – I am hiring you because I love your work. I trust you – do you thing.  MOST of my brides say this.  I want to hug them and buy them chocolate whenever they do.

·         You see, you are going to have magic moments at your wedding…not because of a silly situation copied from Pinterest. But because the day you’ve dreamed of is unfolding into your pocket of memories.

Allow your photographer to capture you, your emotion, your wedding day, your love… There is so much more that goes into a wedding photography than what you see on Pinterest. It depends on elements of the day, how the sun is, if you have a beach as your backdrop or a park, if you have a long flowing veil or a birdcage veil.  All things factor into the creativity exuded by your professional photographer.  But most of the eye catching photos are the ones that capture your expressions of love.

Let your inspiration come from knowing that you have hired a wedding photographer that takes your wedding day very seriously and will give 100% to making your photos look better than anything you’ve seen on Pinterest.  Why? Because it’s YOUR wedding and YOUR emotion. You are a one of a kind creation… so is YOUR LOVE.  That’s what makes wedding photography so special.

Have a blessed day.

~ Amy