Wedding Tip Wednesday

Good Afternoon.  It’s time to whip open a segment that I had on my old blog called Wedding Tip Wednesday.

I will confess, it was previously on a Tuesday.  I thought Wedding and Wednesday went so much better together.

Today’s segment has to do with the wedding cake.  Regardless of the type of sugary confection you have at your wedding, there is a time for the cake ceremony.

I am entering my 14th year of wedding photography.  (I’m pinching myself on this one.) I’ve witnessed hundreds of receptions and cake cutting ceremonies.  This is my favorite way that it all goes down.

Cut the cake first? WHAT? Yes, that is correct.  Here are the reasons why this works:

  • Guests can be informed by the DJ that the couple is cutting the cake.  Those who want to watch can do so.
  • While the couple and guests are eating their meal, the cake cutters can finish cutting the cake into individual pieces without a line of people waiting for their favorite piece.
  • As guests are finished eating they can get their dessert at their own leisure.  Or the waitstaff can be ready to serve it as the guests finish eating their meal.
  • Cutting the cake first also eliminates having too much leftover.  If it is done too late in the reception people often leave before getting their cake.  When that happens the bride and groom and their families are stuck with lots of cake.

So there you have it. Wedding Tip Wednesday.

Have a blessed day.

~ Amy