Winter Jam 2016

If you had the opportunity to be at Winter Jam recently, then you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was ELECTRIC!  The crowd was excited and had a blast seeing their favorite artists on stage.  It was fun for me, not only to photograph, but also because my daughter was in the audience with her youth group. This was her first big concert. They were on the 6th floor mind you.  Did you know that during events the escalator only goes up? You have to hike it down.  #nexttimeI’llfindanelevator

To see 10 bands for $10.00 is a steal!  Personally I was most looking forward to seeing Lauren Daigle and For King and Country. But as each artist came out on stage I was equally enthralled with them.  Let’s talk about Crowder… they are super quirky to see. But the funny thing is, I knew all of the songs they sang. They were so entertaining and yet so passionate.  They brought an entire front porch for their set!  It was incredible.

For King and Country ended the night.  Even though it was late and I know half of the audience had to be wide awake for school the next morning, they were enthralled with For King and Country.  I’ve been to numerous concerts over the course of my life and I do believe that they are my favorite at this time.  You can’t take your eyes off of them and you hear the message they are singing.

If you were there, I hope you enjoy reliving the night through photos. If you weren’t… there will always be Winter Jam 2017! 🙂

Thank you, WBCL. I am so happy to partner with you.


~ Amy

(To learn more about Winter Jam click here.)